Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eating Healthy Out of Town

Last Friday my boss asked if I could go down to Santa Monica and help out with our store there. 

Of course. 1. any excuse to not be at my desk 2. I have nothing better to do.

My only dilemma, honestly, was how would I stay on track with my exercising and healthy eating? The fact that this is now considered a dilemma in my life is a pretty good sign and actually makes me pretty happy. 

So I'm on day 2 of my trip. Honestly, I thought this would be harder than it is. It's probably a little easier considering I'm in one of the health meccas of the world (fad or not, its true).

I checked into my hotel and no-joke, there was a restaurant litterally across the street from my balcony that specialized in healthy, organic, grass fed, vegan and gluten free foods.

Up until this point I had almost decided to just give up on the healthy thing for a couple days because I really didn't feel like putting too much effort into my dinner plans.. but this was clearly a sign from the the health gods and I had no choice but to go forth.

Aside from the service, the place wasn't half bad (and they had Stone IPA--so really how could I complain?). 

Then, the health gods shined down again when I was planning dinner--my friend from college suggested that we go to a place called "Tender Greens." At this point I was almost irritated that I wouldn't be indulging in a wonderfully juicy cheeseburger. This place, however, was great. If you have one near you, try it. Easy, inexpensive, delicious. 

This morning I decided to go to a place that I had eaten at before, it's a great greasy spoon kinda place (don't judge). Here's how I made it better for me than it could have been (while still getting what I want): I ordered the Eggs Benedict with Hollindaise on the side (portion control) and when she asked if I wanted potatoes, tots (!!), or fruit, I stayed strong and got fruit, even though tots are my FAVORITE. 

As for exercising, I haven't done any intense training or anything, there's a 24 Hour Fitness that I may go to tonight or I may do some Netflix Pilates later on in my room, but either way I've been walking everywhere and don't feel too bad since I've been eating so well. 

I'm mostly just intrigued with how easy it was to not eat like crap while out of town. Even when a part of me wanted to indulge, there were just too many ways for me to stay on the straight and narrow. It's nice to see I'm not the only one trying to change my eating habits and that its becoming easier and less daunting to keep on this path.
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