Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love (and Chocolate) Day!

Valentines Day has always been a very pleasant holiday for me. My mom would always give me some type of Valentine treat and my dad would bring all his girls flowers. I’ve never seen it as the romantic holiday that it's intended to be. While I will admit that it became a tad more romantic to me when I met my love two years ago on Valentines day, to me it’s really more about love all around and, of course, SWEETS!

This year rather than making cupcakes or brownies for the office, as is the tradition, I decided to try something that was at the very least a teeny bit more health conscious.

Chocolate Filled Berries.

It was SO easy it’s almost criminal. I got a baskets of Raspberries and Strawberries and that hardening chocolate that you always find in the produce section (I would have liked to have found a more glamorous dark chocolate, but I was strapped for time and energy, so I went with what was easy—even though it may have cost me a couple calories and healthy points).

I set all the raspberries upright with the hole facing up, then used an apple corer to cut a hole in each strawberry and faced them with the hole facing up. Heated up the chocolate according to the package, then poured it into a pastry bag, cut a tiny hole in the bag, filled the raspberries, then cut the hole larger to fill the strawberries. Put them in the fridge to harden and voila!
It was so easy and so much cleaner than dipped strawberries. They were super easy to transport and a major crowd pleaser—not to mention a lot healthier (and maybe even yummier) than the cupcakes I made last year.
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