Thursday, January 24, 2013

30 Things I Did Before Turning 30

I just turned 30.

I was scared in the months leading up to it, I've always had a weird feeling when it came to my birthday and for the past several years have come to embrace the "birthday blues." I figured, if I felt that way at 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29, then turning 30 would be the worst blues yet.

I tried my best to enter my 30s with open eyes and an open heart. I didn't know if it would work, but if there is anything I've learned in my 30 years on earth is that you just can't control everything. I sometimes wish I could and I sometimes try, but I can't.

This birthday solidified this fact and taught me that letting go of a little of that control can actually be a great thing. Aside from the plethora of surprises from my boyfriend (he's awesome!), which showed me that I don't have to be in charge of everything in order for things to happen or for trips to turn out well, I had decided a couple weeks before my birthday to really TRY to have a HAPPY birthday.

I didn't think at the time that making the following list would have as significant of an impact as it did, but I suggest you try it. Making this list made me feel better about myself and helped the transition into my 30's go surprisingly well. This list showed me, on paper, how incredibly lucky I have been and how even when the day-to-day stresses seem overwhelming and even though some days feel like the WORST EVER, I really have done a lot in my short time here.

Being healthy isn't only about food and exercise, it's also about metal clarity and emotional sanity, which is really what this list helped me achieve. At least for now.

30 Things I did before 30

1.    Got a degree from UCLA
2.    Fell in love
3.    Had a speaking role in a Feature Film
4.    Had my own IMDB page
5.    Entered a homebrewing competition
6.    Bought a car
7.    Paid off a car
8.    Raised 4 chickens
9.    Seen Dave Matthews Band 13+ times
10.   Attended the Grammys
11.   Flown in a Private Jet
12.   Ate at Club 33
13.   Learned all the words to the Eminem song, “Without Me”
14.   Lived in LA
15.   Lived in San Francisco
16.   Moved in with boyfriend
17.   Attended Bay-to-Breakers (supposedly. Only pictures can tell the tales)
18.   Got a color photo of myself in Celebrator Magazine
19.   Shook hands with the POTUS
20.   Went to Japan
21.   Attended the Sundance Film Festival…twice
22.   Ate a fish eyeball
23.   Been told that I’m “very noble” by my High School Principal while being suspended
24.   Gained over 7+ years experience in a corporate setting
25.   Paid off a significant debt, then started a budget—now living debt free.
26.   Paid money to eat grasshoppers and ants at a restaurant.
27.   Got in a debate with Kevin Smith over whether Diddy Riese was the best ice cream sandwich ever (it is), then bought him French Fries.
28.   Attended a Hollywood Premier (more importantly, stood within hugging distance of Jude Law without fainting)
29.   Had several run-ins with MC Hammer---age 8: stared at his house from my bedroom window, age 10: wore a shiny purple jacket belonging to him, age 27: met him at a party in Hollywood. 
30.    Made it 3 decades without ever being admitted to a hospital (beside being born)

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