Sunday, January 22, 2012

Overcoming Sunday Laziness

Along this new journey I’m on (where I eat good things and workout at least 5 days a week), I’ve realized that there are going to be days when I just cannot muster up the spirit to drive to the gym and sweat for 40 minutes or pay $20 to take a butt-kicking class. I get really lazy.

Today was one of those lazy days. I didn’t even get out of my PJs until 2:30pm—and that was only because I HAD to leave the house. I don’t even think a house-fire could have gotten me back out in the rain and in my car, especially to go to the gym. Just plain lazy.

I have decided, though, that my Saturday and Sunday laziness doesn’t have to mean that I throw my whole routine out the window—I just need to modify it a tad.

Netflix has a few workout videos streaming and I’ve tried out a couple. There is only one that I really think is worth my time and effort. “Crunch: Super SlimDown” is about 42 minutes (most others on Netflix are around 15-20 minutes, which I don’t think is enough to truly make up for not going to the gym) and really does give you a well-rounded, sweaty workout. The workout is based around pilates and yoga and requires a large area and a mat. I’ve done the workout a few times now and each time I’m sore the next day, which is always a great feeling. I started this time with some jumping-jacks, just to get the heart-rate going before the real workout started. It’s a bit tough and probably not for someone who’s never done pilates or yoga—it has some of the more complex moves—but if you’re in a mode where getting out of your pjs isn’t going to happen, this is a great option. I definitely recommend it.

And, hey, I won’t lie…it took some mental convincing to even get me to put on the video and move furniture and get my yoga mat, but I did it and that’s all that matters.

I’m proud of myself that even though  I was super lazy and felt completely unmotivated today, I still managed to get off my butt and move my body!

Now, if only someone would pry this beer out of my hand.  Oh well.

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