Thursday, May 10, 2012

DROP and give me 80!!!

I’m trying out a new workout routine this month. It’s nothing special really, I just came up with it based on what I CAN do and what I think I actually WILL do.

It goes like this:

Monday: GYM, 35 Minutes of Cardio
Tuesday: GYM, 30 Minutes of Cardio, 200 Crunches
Wednesday: 80 Push-Ups, 20 Seconds of Planks
Thursday: GYM, 35 Minutes of Cardio
Friday: 80 Push-Ups, 20 Seconds of Planks
Saturday: Off Day (unless, I crap out on one of the days, then this is make up day)
Sunday: 80 Push-Ups, 20 Seconds of Planks

If you think Wednesday, Friday and Sunday seem easy, try to do 80 push-ups and 20 seconds of planks,then we’ll talk. I know it sounds easy, peasy, but I guarantee you’ll break a sweat and be hurting the next day.

If you are doing your push-ups correctly (see below), you should be giving your arms and abs quite the workout. Think of your push-ups like a plank that moves, nothing should be moving except your elbows—and the only way to do this is to engage your abs.

If your back hurts while you are doing push-ups, you aren’t doing them correctly, if you do 40 perfectly fine, THEN your back hurts, you’ve tired yourself out and are now doing them incorrectly—stop and take a break or just stop all together and try for another 10 tomorrow. Don't OVER do it, but do push yourself (no pun intended)

…and the 20 seconds of push-ups, you ask? Well, after 8 sets of push-ups (and I'll fully admit, I'm throwing in some girly knee push-ups in there for a couple sets), my arms just don’t have the strength for anymore, so I do 20 seconds of planks, since my abs have just about 20 seconds more left in ‘em.

Just remember, bathing suit weather has arrived, are your abs ready? Good Luck! 

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