Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Please Don't Ever Eat This

This is why America is fat. I won't drone on and on about why this is so terrible--except to mention that I calculated roughly 1000 calories per serving, not including the soda that will undoubtedly accompany this "meal." I also won't link to the original blog that I found it on--due to the blogger's code that I assume is probably a real thing and has similar rules to say "bro code." I will, however, mention that this was re-pinned on Pinterest at least 4 times that I could see, so you KNOW people are eating this crap. 

I guess there is no real point to this post except to say PLEASE DON'T EVER EAT THIS. 

If you want Doritos, eat Doritos--just understand that they are a treat and have virtually no nutritional value (unless you live life by Encino Man's food groups). If you want tacos, eat tacos. If you want a baked casserole, eat a casserole. But you really shouldn't ever want (or make) a Doritos Taco Bake.  Ever.

I'm not saying that if you find this appetizing you're a disgusting, gluttonous, probably smelly, weirdo (I would never SAY that)-- just have some self control. I've never been a huge fan of Doritos anyway, but I'll equate this to my love of cheese. I would LOVE to eat a whole baguette and wheel of brie cheese in one sitting but I won't because its just not right. This "meal" is just not right. 

Venting is now complete. 

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  1. totally looks like something my husband would eat. eww...