Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Goodbye, my love: An Advisory

I know, I know. Its been a while. I have lots of recipes and ideas coming up, but greatness takes time. 

In the meantime....

I rarely go into Starbucks, because paying $2.50 for something that I can make (better) myself just never feels right, but laziness got to me this morning so I went in. I had been dreaming the whole way there about those Petite Vanilla Scones and how they really are the best thing in that food display case--PLUS, last time I got them I remembered them being 140 calories for 3 so how could I go wrong? 

Well, not knowing how to read is one way and subtle trickery is another. The sign says $0.95 for one, $2.50 for 3, 140 calories each. Yeah. Just like that. So last time when I casually ate 3 of them and practically bathed in the sweet goodness, smiling like an idiot because they were only 140 calories, I actually consumed 420 calories. 


I'm not going to rant   about calories or tiny deceptive writing-- this is simply an advisory to read signs and labels and then read them again. (Then, maybe one more time--just to be sure.) 

So long, wonderful, sweet, perfect little vanilla scones. We had a good run there for a while. May you rest in beautiful, sugary glaziness.

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  1. Very sad. Well, take your own advice and make them yourself. You might not be able to make them less caloric, but they will be yours and a little treat now and then is nice for being so good the rest of the time.

    1. Great idea! But I might make JP make them, he's the house scone maker. :)