Thursday, January 19, 2012

So, this is blogging?

I've been wanting to "Blog" since before it was popular (even back to the Prodigy days). I've even thought about how to make a living off of it (to no avail, obviously). Well, I've finally thought of something that might be worth blogging about. Here goes nothing.

Steps to My First Blog:

Step 1: Announce Oneself.
Hello, My name is Taren. I live in the bay area. I was an English Lit Major at UCLA. I work full time and drink good beer.

Step 2: Explain why you decided to start a blog.
About 2 months ago, my boyfriend and I decided we were going to attend the Taste Awards in Hollywood. The TV show that he co-hosted was nominated for a Tasty, so why not dress up and walk the red carpet. I tried on the nicest dress that I have--perfect for the red carpet--and it didn't quite zip up. 


Understanding that I HAD to fit into that dress, I tried to eat as healthy as I could during the holidays--but we all know how that goes, so 2 weeks before the event, I buck up, eating only healthy, low-cal, low-carb foods, drink TONS of water, less beer (sad face) and do some form of exercise everyday. 

As it turned out, being the female that I am, I decided against wearing the dress after all--BUT I did get it to zip up. Count it. 

After this 2 week health stint, I realized that I no longer despised the gym and I started saying "no" to free Chinese food and McDonalds at work. After getting over the initial, "I JUST CHOSE SALAD OVER KUNG PAO CHICKEN?!" exasperation, I realized that I actually enjoyed those 2 healthy weeks and felt really good.

So, why not continue the process and fit myself into a dress that is even smaller?

Step 3: Explain what the blog will be.
I have no idea. I think I'll start with stories about my workout classes, healthy meals and snacks.. (I promise it won't be as boring as that just sounded) and see where it goes. (If it's anything like my secret twitter account, this won't last longer than 2 weeks.. but who knows?) 

Basically, I hate the gym and I hate sweating, I LOVE mac n' cheese and pizza and cupcakes and steak and potatoes (the list could go on for a while, so I'll stop here), BUT, I also love fitting into my old clothes. So, I'm hoping that my new-found motivation will stick and that I will be able to share with you my progress and successes.

Step 4: Thank everyone for reading and beg them to keep reading.
See above.

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